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  • Expert review and consulting for your credit profile: finding negative reporting on your credit is never a good feeling. Whether it is a surprise, or your business or personal situation led to a financial disruption, we can help you find the solutions you need to get back on track.
  • Budget planning: making ends meet and discovering your net cash flow is the offense and defense of your financial health and success. Equity First puts expertise at your fingertips so you can gain control. 
  • Business credit and funding: as a business owner you know the importance of keeping control over all your expenses such as, vendor payments, raw materials, supplies and especially payroll for your employees. With market and economic challenges around every corner it is critical to have the liquidity you need to face any event, predicted or not, and keep your business intact. Equity First has a vast network of lenders from start-ups to special project funding to traditional programs. Our experts will help you find the product and lender that fits your specific needs.
  • Debt settlement: when debts accumulate to the point that you are not able to make on time payments that reduce principal and keep pace with interest rates, it is time to bring in an experienced team that can help negotiate and facilitate a solution on your behalf.
  • Loan modifications: when your loan no longer fits your situation and needs and the choices are overwhelming, Equity First can help to facilitate the process by making sense of the options and identifying the best program and lender to modify your existing loan.
  • Short sales: is your property value and loan amount in question? Work with Equity First experts to evaluate your situation. We will work closely with you and our real estate and lending teams to create a solution for you.
  • Wealth planning: many factors affect whether your asset allocation needs to be re-evaluated. Many events affect the growth and stability of your portfolio such as family changes, divorce, partnership conflict, or the death of a loved one. Examples of other happenings we cannot control are geo-political events and economic and market fluctuations. No matter the cause, a consistent and knowledgeable approach is key to success and keeping you on track.

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